Peters Krizman Switzerland focuses on the development and manufacturing of OTC medical devices for drugstores, pharmacies, mass market and brand owners, as well as online stores. Our activities are supported by PK Benelux, based in the Netherlands. From here, we supply to more than 30 countries, mainly in the EU and MENA, both for our own brands and private label.

PK Benelux is best known from the traditional Dutch brand “Lucovitaal”, which is sold in the Netherlands and Belgium. Lucovitaal represents healthcare products, such as: vitamins, supplements, sports and functional food, anti-aging and relaxation products. Lucovitaal supplements are based on the strongest and best orthomolecular recipes for the best price, guaranteed. In the Netherlands one out of four households uses one or more products of Lucovitaal. In retail it is segmented as the first brand above private label.

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32 Countries
251 Products
63 Medical Devices