In the spotlight: Obesimed® Max Forte

Obesimed® Max Forte is a medical device for the treatment of overweight and obesity. It reduces calorie intake from fat, sugar and carbohydrate and reduces the appetite.



Lucovital Obesimed Max forte carb blocker

The problem: overweight and obesity

Overweight and obesity have become a serious problem throughout the world. Being overweight or obese can cause serious health problems and diseases. Health risks are for example diabetes type 2, cardiovascular diseases, arthrosis, respiratory problems and sleep apnoea. In addition, obesity is often accompanied by psychological and social problems, as well as a reduced quality of life.


Overweight and obesity are often caused by excessively fatty and high caloric foods, such as fast foods, high fat snacks and foods which contain a lot of sugar and starch, like cakes, pies and cookies.



The solution: Obesimed® Max Forte

Peters Krizman has developed a medical device that supports weight loss. Obesimed® Max Forte is a medical device that supports a weight reduction diet. It reduces the caloric impact and helps treat and prevent obesity and overweight. Active ingredients Omtec50® and OmtecXS® reduce the absorption of dietary fats, sugar and carbohydrates and additionally reduce the appetite.



How does it work?

The active ingredient Omtec50® is a natural fiber with a high lipid binding capacity. It helps to neutralize calories from high fat content foods. It forms a gel-like substance in the stomach and mixes with food. At the same time Omtec XS® inhibits the starch-digesting enzyme pancreatic alpha-amylase. This then disrupts the carbohydrate digestion process. In this process, fats, sugars and carbohydrates are removed from the food and bound in a non-soluble form. These bound fats, carbohydrates and sugars are excreted undigested. The calorie intake and the appetite reduce significantly, with weight loss as a result.



Private Label

Obesimed® Max Forte can be produced as private label. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us.


Obesimed® Max Forte: for the treatment of overweight and obesity


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