In the spotlight: Lice Protect & Treatment

When the kids go back to school, so do the head lice… Avoid your kids catching these parasites with Lucovital Lice Protect & Treatment! Lucovital® Lice Protect preventive spray and Anti Lice treatment are used for the treatment and prevention of head lice.


The problem: Head lice

When the schools start again, often a head lice epedemic follows. Head lice is still a condition dreaded by many parents, as it is the source of anxiety, shame and stress. Head lice prevention is essential, because if you can avoid your kids catching these parasites, this will be much easier and better for everyone in the family.


Anyone is susceptible to head lice. Head-to-head contact is the most important mode of transmission. However, head lice can also be transmitted by infested clothing, hats, hairbrushes, combs, towels, bedding and upholstery.


Lice Protect - lice preventive sprayWhat are head lice?

Head lice are small, wingless, egg laying insects, with three pairs of clawed legs adapted for grasping hair, found on the human scalp. Head lice live on the human scalp between de hairs and feed by sucking blood from the scalp.


The first major symptom of a lice infestation can be intense itching, caused by the lice’s feeding, although certain individuals may not experience itching at all. Bite reactions, skin loss, various infections of the skin, an enlargement of the lymph nodes in the neck, eye inflammation, fever, and malaise are also possible symptoms. A head lice infestation is annoying and may cause loss of sleep and may influence your social life.



The solution: Lucovital® Lice Protect & Treatment

Lucovital® Lice prevention is a preventive spay, containing natural essential oils. It is a medical device for the prevention and treatment of head lice infestations. Use the spray when head lice have been found in a given environment or after a holiday, when children return to school. This spray effectively prevents head lice infestations and has been clinically proven. Children will remain free of head lice if you use the spray daily.

In case your children are already infected with lice, it can be treated directly with Anti Lice treatment. Anti Lice treatment contains an anti-lice cream lotion and an anti-lice comb. Anti lice treatment with anti-lice combAfter the anti lice treatment, the preventive spray can be used to prevent (re)infestation with head lice.


Lucovital® Lice protect & treatment:


  • Lice Protect is a medical device for the prevention and treatment of head lice infestation
  • Anti Lice encloses the lice so they suffocate and get weak
  • Can be combed out easily and painlessly
  • Ensures that hair does not tangle when lice is being combed out
  • Is gentle to hair and scalp
  • Does not dry out hair
  • Based on natural ingredients



How does it work?

Lice Protect preventive spray is a compound consisting of natural essential oils. The flavour of the selected essential oils will keep the lice away. Moreover the oils have lice killing properties and repellent activity against head lice. The Anti Lice treatment conditioner works on the basis of Dimethicone, silicone preparation. Anti Lice treatment encloses the lice so they suffocate and get weak. It makes the hair supple, works anti tangle and is gentle for hair and scalp.


Why do essential oils work for head lice prevention and treatment? Head lice are attracted to us because of our distinctive human smell. Essential oils are very fragrant and their strong flavors hide our human smell and keep lice away. Essential oils act as insect repellents, and this is why they help preventing head lice. Moreover, tea tree oil has the properties of insecticides, and if you happen to still catch a lice it will be killed by the oil.


Private Label

Lucovital® Lice Prevention and Treatment can be produced as private label. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us.


Lucovital® Lice Prevention & Treatment: prevents and treats head lice infestations