Lucovital Muscle & Joint pain relief


  • Arnica Active Cooling / Crackling I Active Ingredient

  • Private Label possibilities

  • Class IIa

Packaging Claim

Provides immediate relief in case of sports and leisure injuries, cooling arnica aerosol.

  • Relieves pain
  • In case of swelling, bruising and sprains
  • Crackling effect
  • Cooling effect

Private Label

This product could be produced as a private label. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us.

About the Product

Lucovital® Muscle & Joint Pain Relief relieves pain with a cool micro massage. It is effective against swelling, bruises and sprains, with a pleasantly refreshing and analgesic effect. This gel has been conceived to desensitize the bruised skin, and consequently to relieve pain. The product reduces oedemas and ecchymosis and pains in the joints, through the cooling effect. The special “crackling” effect acts as a micro massage on the skin and prolongs its cooling action. Arnica extract has emollient action on the skin