Lice Protect - lice preventive spray


  • Dimethicon & Etheric Oils I Active Ingredient

  • Private Label possibilities

  • Class I

Packaging Claim

Medical device for the prevention and treatment of head lice infestation.

  • Can be combed out easily and painlessly
  • Ensures that hair does not tangle when lice is beinig combed out
  • Is gentle to hair and scalp
  • Does not dry out hair
  • Based on natural ingredients

Private Label

This product could be produced as a private label. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us.

About the Product

Lucovital® Lice Protect is a preventative spray, containing natural essential oils. It is a medical device for the prevention and treatment of head lice infestations. Use the spray when head lice have been found in a given environment or after a holiday when the children return to school. This spray effectively prevents infestations with head lice, has been clinically proven and prevents further head lice infestation. Children will remain free of head lice if you use the spray daily.

In case your children are already infected with lice, it can also be treated directly with Lucovitaal Anti Lice treatment.