Lucovital Athlete's Foot Cream


  • Natilact I Active Ingredient

  • Private Label possibilities

  • Class I

Packaging Claim

Antifungal - Athlete's Foot Gel supports the treatment of fungal infections of the foot (ringworm on the foot or tinea pedis) and prevents unpleasant foot odour.

  • Stops itchiness and irritation
  • Is quickly absorbed
  • Does not feel sticky

Private Label

This product could be produced as a private label. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us.

About the Product

Lucovital® Athlete’s foot gel is a medical device with natural ingredients for the treatment of athlete’s foot. Lucovital® Athlete’s foot is a gel that creates a protective layer on the skin of the foot. The combination of ingredients penetrates the upper skin-layer and callus and provides an environment that is unfavourable for the development of fungus that causes athlete’s foot. Natilact is a natural ester that protects and hydrates the skin. The gel will adhere well to the skin and, therefore, the active ingredients will be fixed and provide longer term efficacy at the right place.